Pixel Artist
Contract / Part-time • Remote

Northern Forge Studios is a newly established mobile game studio with a mission to bring what we loved about a golden age of gaming to the modern era. Our games will utilize modern day technology, augmented reality features, and rich connectivity while staying true to what makes games fun, challenging, and lasting.

Our current primary title, Orna: The GPS RPG, has exceeded 1 million users and has established itself as a unique fixture in the location-based game genre. Throughout its life, Orna has always proven to be a community-first and community-driven game. The community makes the game, not vice-versa.

We are looking for a skilled Pixel Artist to help shape the visual future of our games, starting with Orna. This is an initially part-time and ground-zero role with the potential to grow to much more.

Our ideal candidate would:

  • Be interested in being the first official artist of Northern Forge Studios
  • Ideally be an established player of Orna: The GPS RPG
  • Be willing to define the artistic vision of Orna's characters, items, and other pixelated assets
  • Be comfortable creating sprite animations
  • Be excited about collaborating with the development or executive team on a wide variety of Orna centered topics or initiatives
  • Have great communication and collaboration skills

Northern Forge Studios is a remote first and equal opportunity employer.